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Our company is located in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

We carry out all kinds of services related to the development of Internet sites, from simple advertising pages to complex corporate sites. Our employees are qualified and expert in Internet technology. They are graduates of exclusive St.-Petersburg Universities.

Whereas the business situation in Russia is difficult, our tariffs are several times lower than in Europe and the USA, while the great skill and experience of our specialists assure high quality performance.

In case you are interested in Russian hosting, we can provide it and help you to register your domain name at zone RU or COM, if necessary. Our hosting tariffs for our clients are extremely low, taking into account the high reliability of the link.

You are interested in advertising over Internet for Russian audience, aren't you? We can help you in this case too, because we have wide and successful experience in this field. Our unigue resource "Banner races" allows to put up an extremely effective publicity drive. We ensure a determined number of visitors for money received.

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